Production (LSF)

Light Steel Framing

Certified/standardized material with the highest quality complying with the European and national regulations.

Production Aliminium

Sosoares brand aluminum certified to standards.


Recyclable construction and 100% sustainable.
Thermal insulation 4x higher.
Almost zero energy consumption, constant comfort.

LSF+OSB System

For LSF Construction it is necessary to use OSB plates to coat and reinforce the structures. LuxSteel uses these structural plates made up of OSB – Oriented Strand Board, category 3.

ETICS system

In the main insulation is used the ETICS system, a complete thermal insulation system on the outside. This system, formed by quality products, carefully tested and compatible with each other, thermally insulates, waterproofs and decorates the façades of any house, all at once, making it possible to apply / glue other materials in the exterior (example: granite, shale, wooden slats, etc.). LuxSteel solves the problem of thermal comfort, humidity and mainly energy savings. LuxSteel uses Weber brand materials.