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What is LSF (light steel framing) steel construction?

Light steel or LSF (Light Steel Framing) is a construction system in which light steel is the main structural material. It is coated, externally and internally, with high quality industrialized elements that provides comfort, durability, and security to the final product.

The advantage of working with LuxSteel?

The main advantage of working with LuxSteel is its convenience. The design phase starts with the topographic survey and ends with the license fee to start the steel fabrication, it means, all bureaucratic services are carried in order to respond to all your needs with as soon as possible.
Eng. Albino Sousa


Health and well-being

Unmatched insulation quality (4x), providing greater comfort. Buildings without humidity.


After the work is finished, the materials are reusable, the OSB is a 100% sustainable material.


CO2 emissions are lower and all materials used in construction can be recycled.

The LSF construction method does not use polluting materials and reduces energy consumption by 80%.

At a constructive level, consumption decreases by 80% of electricity, compared to traditional concrete.


Construction period is shorter compared to conventional construction.


LSF structures have the best cost / quality ratio due to less labor intervention during construction.


Fortified / reinforced connections.
All LSF joints are bolted: steel / steel and steel / OSB.
All materials meet the requirements of the eurocode.